Carl Tuttle of New Hampshire is a Lyme disease victim and activist who has written a number of letters to medical publications that have published articles containing misinformation, incomplete information, and biased information. The rebuttals are well-documented with medical and scientific references.

The content of the Carl Tuttle Letters is such that they should be preserved for the long term.

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Concerns Regarding a New Culture Method for Borrelia burgdorferi Not Approved for the Diagnosis of Lyme Disease

CDC discredits new Lyme tests and fails to mention their recommended ELISA “screening” test is highly inaccurate, even for East Coast Lyme disease on which it was based.

Comparison of Lyme Disease Prevalence and Disease Reporting in an Endemic Area

Underreporting of Lyme disease by the CDC.

Letter to Jerry Leonard – An Open Letter to State Leaders

Observations regarding treatment denial, vaccine development, and biowarfare.

Carl Tuttle’s Letter to the editor: Cardiology Patient Page Lyme Disease and the Heart

Harmful and incorrect information based on obsolete information.

Letter to the editor NEJM

Differentiation of Reinfection from Relapse in Recurrent Lyme Disease

Letter to Mary Jo M Dales – Editor IMNG Medical Media

Evidence-based medicine and “inconvenient truths” about Lyme disease.


January 3, 2016 – Letter to CDC and ALDF (American Lyme Disease Foundation) critical of their description for Lyme being a “nuisance disease” and using manipulated “evidence-based” clinical trials to fit a predetermined outcome’

3 October 2016 – Regarding Misleading Studies on the Persistence of Borrelia.


February 25, 2015Lyme disease: a review of its epidemiology, evaluation, and treatment

Letter with comprehensive supporting documentation.

May 25, 2015Lyme Carditis

August 22, 2015– Letters with Carl Tuttle, Pace Law School and Senator Ayotte

Some Highlights:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. called the CDC

“a cesspool of corruption, mismanagement and dysfunction.”

It was the rush to create a vaccine for Lyme that caused the current conflict.

Absolute Facts we were told were true for well over a decade by Yale and the IDSA that turned out to be completely untrue.

The Scotty Shelton, of Saginaw, MN case.

For over thirty years now we have been dealing with an antibiotic resistant superbug purposely concealed by the CDC, members of the Infectious Diseases Society of America and The American Lyme Disease Foundation. Post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome is simply a fabricated medical condition disguising treatment failure.

As long as the research dollars are left in the hands of those who have colluded to deny chronic Lyme, Bills to promote research for Lyme disease are of no value.

With References.

September 8, 2015Documentation of disabilities and deaths caused by undiagnosed or misdiagnosed Lyme disease.


January 15, 2014Dr Forrester’s “CDC Expert Commentary

CDC “expert commentary” on Lyme carditis deeply flawed.

January 17, 2014Lyme Disease DNA Testing

Alan Steere’s misinformation on the persistence of Lyme disease.

January 31, 2014Evidence for strain-specific immunity in patients treated for early Lyme disease

Harm caused by IDSA with unsupported and wrong opinions on Lyme disease immunity.

April 11, 2014Concerns Regarding a New Culture Method for Borrelia burgdorferi

CDC release on information regarding “unproven” Lyme disease tests.


April 22, 2013Seeking legal action to remove the misleading Lyme Disease and the Heart (Copyright © 2013, Wolters Kluwer Health) manuscript written by Krause and Bockenstedt. A manuscript impacting patient outcomes which could lead to delayed diagnosis, treatment and disability. Letter to the editor submission to Circulation

Critique of an article on cardiac implications of Lyme disease written by two doctors who have no credentials in cardiology. One is on the board of the American Lyme Disease Foundation that has been a barrier to issuing truthful information about Lyme disease.

April 30, 2013No More Western Blots for Lyme Diagnosis?

Dec 15, 2013A Systematic Review of Borrelia burgdorferi Morphologic Variants Does Not Support a Role in Chronic Lyme Disease

Junk science published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, a publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA).

Dec 18, 2013 –  Spinning the data to support vaccine development

More misinformation from IDSA. Gary P. Wormser, MD, author. Sponsored by Baxter Laboratories, the Centers for Disease Control, Fort Collins, CO, and Stanley Plotkin.


February 15, 2012Lyle Petersen’s letter addressed to Carl Tuttle on Feb 15, 2012

CDC response… “In fact, no CDC employees have ever received payments, royalties, or consulting fees for any activity related to commercial tests or vaccines for Lyme disease.”

May 2012U.S. healthcare providers’ experience with Lyme and other tick-borne diseases

CDC fixation on early Lyme disease misinforms doctors.

December 19, 2012Guidelines: Guides to Profit?

Corruption associated with writing medical guidelines.

December 20, 1012Letter from NEJM to Carl Tuttle – New England Journal of Medicine 12-14186