Letter to Jerry Leonard

Jerry Leonard

Charlotte, North Carolina

Re: An Open Letter to State Leaders

Dear Jerry,

I received an email from an individual in the UK who prefers to stay anonymous but attached a timeline document with a great deal of information similar to what you presented in your open letter to state leaders but with a UK origin. I found the following information from that document quite disturbing:

1. Vaccine development for Lyme disease requires samples from untreated and late stage Lyme patients.

2. In July 1994, SmithKlein Beecham (Now GlaxoSmithKline) filed a Lyme Disease vaccine patent for OspA proteins of Borrelia burgdorferi. In table 1 & table 4 this patent demonstrates the need for human blood, skin and spinal fluid from untreated Lyme disease patients including the late stage presentation Acrodermatitis Chronica Atrophans (ACA) which is a feature of European Lyme disease and usually presents about 20 years after initial tick bite.

My interpretation: If you immediately treat all Lyme disease without restriction where do you find a population of late stage Lyme patients?

The lead author (As you point out) of the IDSA’s “treatment-denial” guidelines for Lyme disease Gary Wormser and Susan O’Connell over in the UK both have links to the Baxter vaccine that is going into its phase 3 clinical trial. Your interpretation: Large-scale treatment-denial experiment to create a vaccine market by the national security infrastructure? ……lead author of the foremost study used to justify this treatment-denial philosophy (Mark Klempner) and the lead author of the treatment guidelines which are used to deny Lyme victims effective treatment (Gary Wormser) are all biowarfare researchers and/or biowarfare epidemiologists. Two of these individuals (Klempner, Barbour) are biowarfare lab directors. Three of them have led Lyme vaccine efforts (Barbour, Steere, Wormser). This is all making more sense now and certainly offers an explanation for the purposeful mishandling of this disease and continuous disinformation campaign along with the deliberate refusal to listen to the patient voice.

If not a congressional investigation how do we expose and correct what has been ongoing for so long at these levels?


Carl Tuttle