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Re; Differentiation of Reinfection from Relapse in Recurrent Lyme Disease


Robert B. Nadelman and colleagues have contributed to the ongoing confusion of diagnosing Lyme disease while news media across the nation have concluded that persistent infection (chronic Lyme disease) or relapse is not possible.

Patients who are bedridden went years or decades before obtaining a diagnosis (Ref# 1) while researchers continue to focus on the acute or early stage of the disease denying and ignoring the late stage Lyme epidemic seen all across this nation. (Ref# 2)

I personally fit into the category of patients who had a “prolonged exposure to the organism prior to the initial diagnosis and antibiotic treatment of Lyme disease” as it took twelve years to obtain a diagnosis.

Nadelman, Steere and Wormser should prove their theories that persistent infection does not exist by infecting themselves with the Borrelia spirochete (similar to Barry Marshall’s experiment) and forgo treatment for a year or so and then treat the infection following the recommended IDSA one size fits all protocol because after all, in their minds, this is little more than a nuisance disease.

Carl Tuttle