Lyme Disease DNA Testing

Jan 17, 2014

Clinical Infectious Diseases

Editor-in-Chief, Sherwood L. Gorbach, M.D

Dear Dr Gorbach,

The Molecular Diagnostics Department of Milford Medical Laboratory recently announced a DNA Sequencing-based diagnostic test for Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia miyamotoi.

BREAKING NEWS: Jan. 15, 2014 – BusinessWire Press Release

Lyme Disease DNA Testing

Statement from Milford Medical Laboratory:

“……spirochetes will not stay in the blood of the patient for long because they prefer to live in the deep tissues, such as the joints, the heart and the nervous system. The window of opportunity to find the spirochetes in the blood is narrow….”

In reference to Dr Alan Steere’s study recently published in Clinical Infectious Diseases I would like to point out the following statements from his study:

“….all post-treatment culture results were negative…”

“….suggesting that spirochetal eradication had occurred with treatment in all patients.”

So is Dr Alan Steere not aware that the “spirochetes will not stay in the blood of the patient for long” or has he rushed to conclusion here to support his renowned bias against persistent infection as I highlighted in my letter to the editor?

I would like to point out a recent article found in Forbes:

Medicine Or Mass Murder? Guideline Based on Discredited Research May Have Caused 800,000 Deaths In Europe Over The Last 5 Years

The article focuses on the damage caused by the disgraced Dutch cardiovascular researcher Don Poldermans who was fired for scientific misconduct. A follow-up article will focus on the institutional leaders who provided uncritical support as well as the role of journal editors in this case.

A comment following the article struck a chord with me:

“There is, it has now become clear, a general lack of concern and response to evidence of scientific fraud and misconduct. Journal editors, deans, department chairs, and others seem more concerned with protecting the reputation of their respective institutions than aggressively upholding the integrity of science and research.”

Dr Gorbach…… per your reply to me, one of the reasons you decided not to publish my letter to the editor was as follows: “it represents a personal, not a scientific, attack on Dr. Steere…” It would appear that reputation overrides integrity.

Spinning the data to support one’s bias jeopardizes the integrity of the Journal in which the research is published. Dr Alan Steere holds steadfast to the idea that he can fool all of the people all of the time with authorization to do so.


Carl Tuttle

Hudson, NH 03051