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Letter to Jerry Leonard

Jerry Leonard

Charlotte, North Carolina

Re: An Open Letter to State Leaders

Dear Jerry,

I received an email from an individual in the UK who prefers to stay anonymous but attached a timeline document with a great deal of information similar to what you presented in your open letter to state leaders but with a UK origin. I found the following information from that document quite disturbing:

1. Vaccine development for Lyme disease requires samples from untreated and late stage Lyme patients.

2. In July 1994, SmithKlein Beecham (Now GlaxoSmithKline) filed a Lyme Disease vaccine patent for OspA proteins of Borrelia burgdorferi. In table 1 & table 4 this patent demonstrates the need for human blood, skin and spinal fluid from untreated Lyme disease patients including the late stage presentation Acrodermatitis Chronica Atrophans (ACA) which is a feature of European Lyme disease and usually presents about 20 years after initial tick bite.

My interpretation: If you immediately treat all Lyme disease without restriction where do you find a population of late stage Lyme patients?

The lead author (As you point out) of the IDSA’s “treatment-denial” guidelines for Lyme disease Gary Wormser and Susan O’Connell over in the UK both have links to the Baxter vaccine that is going into its phase 3 clinical trial. Your interpretation: Large-scale treatment-denial experiment to create a vaccine market by the national security infrastructure? ……lead author of the foremost study used to justify this treatment-denial philosophy (Mark Klempner) and the lead author of the treatment guidelines which are used to deny Lyme victims effective treatment (Gary Wormser) are all biowarfare researchers and/or biowarfare epidemiologists. Two of these individuals (Klempner, Barbour) are biowarfare lab directors. Three of them have led Lyme vaccine efforts (Barbour, Steere, Wormser). This is all making more sense now and certainly offers an explanation for the purposeful mishandling of this disease and continuous disinformation campaign along with the deliberate refusal to listen to the patient voice.

If not a congressional investigation how do we expose and correct what has been ongoing for so long at these levels?


Carl Tuttle

Lyle Petersen’s letter addressed to Carl Tuttle on Feb 15, 2012

From Lyle Petersen’s letter addressed to Carl Tuttle on Feb 15, 2012:

“We welcome the opportunity to respond to a statement in one of your letters, which repeats a common misrepresentation of the facts regarding CDC’s work in development of Lyme disease diagnostics. In your letter you state, “Those of us who have been harmed by the two tier testing algorithm find it a conflict of interest when the Director of the CDC’ strongly recommends’ only FDA-approved antibody tests for the diagnosis of Lyme disease especially when employees of the CDC (Barbara Johnson) hold patent interests in these faulty tests.” Your allegation that CDC program staff, including Dr. Barbara Johnson, hold patents on Lyme diagnostics and/or have financial conflicts of interest is false”

“More than a decade ago, Dr. Johnson was listed as an inventor on two patent applications and foreign filings related to specific antigens of Borrelia burgdorferi. These applications were made in accordance with government policy to protect the investment of taxpayers in government directed research. [??? Emphasis added]

Subsequent work indicated that these antigens were not as diagnostically useful as alternatives discovered by others, such as the C6 peptide. Consequently, both patent applications and their associated foreign filings were abandoned in February, 1997 and November, 2003. Dr. Johnson never received any payments related to these applications, and she does not hold patents that could generate such payments. She is not an inventor of the C6 peptide assay, as alleged by some, and receives no royalties from this invention. In fact, no CDC employees have ever received payments, royalties, or consulting fees for any activity related to commercial tests or vaccines for Lyme disease.”

The entire letter is posted here: (free to distribute)

http://home.comcast.net/~runagain/Director Lyle Peterson letter.pdf

Carl Tuttle follow-up letter to Mary Beth in response to Lyle Petersen’s “opinion” piece to the Poughkeepsie Journal’s interest in reporting on Lyme disease.


Poughkeepsie Journal

85 Civic Center Plaza

Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Attn: Mary Beth Pfeiffer

Dear Mary Beth,

Thank you for your continued efforts in covering the Lyme disease epidemic. In reference to the recent reply from the CDC’s Lyle R. Petersen I would like to point out that once again (as always) there is an emphasis on the acute stage of the disease.

I fall under the category of patients who had a “prolonged exposure to the organism prior to the initial diagnosis and antibiotic treatment of Lyme disease” as it took twelve years to obtain a diagnosis. Late stage Lyme disease does not respond well to antibiotics and it is this stage of the disease where “elements of academic medicine, elements of government and virtually the entire insurance industry have colluded to deny a disease.”

It is blatantly obvious that individuals who control public health policy for Lyme disease are either incredibly incompetent or committed to precisely what has been orchestrated to deny the late stage Lyme epidemic seen all across this nation.

Case in point: New York Medical College’s Lyme diagnostic center. (Gary Wormser’s location and co-author of the insurance friendly IDSA treatment guidelines) Below is a copy of their home page. Apparently Late Stage Lyme doesn’t exist as it is not listed on their website, additional evidence of the ongoing/blatant denial of the late manifestation of the Lyme disease epidemic.

Lyme Disease Diagnostic Center at New York Medical College


Background and Mission Statement: Established in 1989, the Lyme Disease Diagnostic Center is staffed by experienced physicians and nurses with special expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of persons 18 years and older with: – Tick bites – Early/Acute Lyme disease – Anaplasmosis (Ehrlichiosis) – Babesiosis ——————————————————- Since we only test for antibodies against the infection and not the bacteria itself, we have no way to rule out active, continuing infection (until now) which has been ideal for the “chronic Lyme” denialist camp headed up by Alan Steere and colleagues.

His nearly forty year old “theory” (Infection-induced autoimmunity) has yet to be substantiated but plays a large role in the treatment and insurance reimbursement denial of countless patients across the country. The denial of this epidemic and refusal to reimburse for treating persistent infection has caused untold pain and suffering not only in New Hampshire but across the nation.

Johns Hopkins published a study that followed patients who were treated from an acute Lyme disease stage but went on to develop debilitating symptoms after the standard IDSA treatment protocol. 35% of patients met the definition of post-Lyme syndrome 6 months after treatment and as many as 45% with one major symptom.

I have suggested to Dr Aucott he test these patients using Advanced Laboratory Services’ Borellia Culture test.

We now have proof that chronic Lyme exists through Advanced Laboratory Services’s Borrellia culture test as the laboratory is reporting positive cultures in 80% of symptomatic post treatment Lyme patient specimens so why is the CDC in no rush whatsoever to embrace this technology? Because the true epidemic and deceitful handling of late stage Lyme disease will finally be exposed!

Sincerely, Carl Tuttle